The project |
Seine Scheldt connects two of Europe’s most important industrial regions.
River restoration |
Nature-friendly foreshores are an attractive habitat for all sorts of plants and animals.
Locations |
In Flanders, the Seine-Scheldt link runs mainly via the River Lys and the Ring Canal around Ghent.

Seine Scheldt Flanders

Seine Scheldt is the name given to the joint plan by France, Wallonia and Flanders to improve the waterway between the River Seine and the River Scheldt. In Flanders, the route runs chiefly via de River Lys and the Ring Canal around Ghent to the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal.

This project makes the inland waterways a practical alternative to freight transport by road, and results in less road traffic, greater safety and a cleaner environment.

Seine Scheldt Flanders also devotes a great deal of attention to river conservation: the banks are reinforced by nature-friendly means, flora and fauna have a better chance of survival, old river arms are restored, and good pedestrian and cycle paths are provided so everyone can enjoy it all.